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Six Degrees (or 6˚ ) is an American dramatic television series about six residents of New York City and their respective relationships and connections with one another, based on the idea of six degrees of separation.It premiered on September 21, 2006, after Grey's Anatomy on ABC. Abrams, Bryan Burk and Thom Sherman serve as executive producers through their Bad Robot Productions banner. It is filmed on location in Manhattan and at Silvercup Studios in Long Island City, Queens, New York.Macro View (later renamed to Six Degrees), the company that developed the site, was founded by CEO Andrew Weinreich and was based in New York City.At its height, Six Degrees had around 100 employees, and the site had around 3,500,000 fully registered members.

Meanwhile Laura wonders whether her friendship with Whitney can survive telling her the truth about Roy; Carlos and Mae go on a double date to a karaoke bar with Damian and Regina, and Damian realizes Mae's connection to him; and Steven meets with his son and ex-wife and learns that there are more complications to his new life than he originally thought.As the show progresses, however, we begin to see how the characters interact. Steven photographs her as he attempts to revive his career.Carlos requests help from Damian to get in a club so he can ask Mae on a date.After Carlos learns that Mae isn't at the club, he goes out to find Damian being beat up by two loan shark henchmen.He saves Damian and Damian wants to repay him by buying him a drink.

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