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The city's location was adjacent to a superb harbor at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, and with easy access to the Gulf Stream, the main ocean current that navigators followed when traveling from the Americas to Europe.This location led to Havana's early development as the principal port of Spain's New World colonies.Cuba, during the first years of the Discovery, provided no immediate wealth to the conquistadores, as it was poor in gold, silver and precious stones, and many of its settlers moved to the more promising lands of Mexico and South America that were being discovered and colonized at the time.

) is the capital city, major port, and leading commercial centre of Cuba. The city/province has 2.1 million inhabitants, the largest city in Cuba and the largest in the Caribbean region.A single merchant fleet could more easily be protected by the Spanish Armada.Following a royal decree in 1561, all ships headed for Spain were required to assemble this fleet in the Havana Bay.Goods traded in Havana included gold, silver, alpaca wool from the Andes, emeralds from Colombia, mahoganies from Cuba and Guatemala, leather from the Guajira, spices, sticks of dye from Campeche, corn, manioc, and cocoa.Ships from all over the New World carried products first to Havana, in order to be taken by the fleet to Spain.

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