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The nature of these ties is diverse: they can be political, economic, cultural as well as social and academic.

Historically, the first wave of forced African migrations began during the Transatlantic Slave Trade (16th-19th century).

During the late-colonial period, early post-independence, starting from the 1950s, there was a great increase of migrations coming from Africa to Europe in terms of numbers, creating the conditions for the settlement of a longstanding and active African Diaspora.

Despite gains of independence, economic and cultural ties remained strong between the two regions, especially with the old colonist countries.

Many Africans were deported out of Africa during this period, but the feeling of belonging to a community, the African community, did not disappear. The transatlantic slave trade contributed mostly to creating a large community of African origins in the American continent, especially in the US and in Brazil.

This diaspora belongs to the first wave of migration, and is often referred to as the historical diaspora.

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