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Even though life feels like its worthless right now, I hope one day you realize that there might be hope.I hope that no other girl is in the situation that you are in and I hope we make it through.I am also thankful to my best friend who made me feel happy again.Everything gets better eventually, just remember that there is always someone rooting for you, even if you don't know them.While I realize the limited scope of your program, I don't believe my daughter is completely wrong in her analysis.While I think we can all agree that kindness is a positive virtue, she felt that--by limiting your message to girls--it was reinforcing societal modeling that the most important thing was to be a "good girl" who passively accepts the status quo and shies away from confrontation.I was at my friends house and we were watching mean girls. I knew it was a bad idea but i made the book any ways.She told me to bring it to school to give to her so i did and i gave it to her.

I'm sorry for all the times I cried myself to sleep.

One time at a sleepover we had I remember waking up, looking over, and seeing those scars on your arms.

We were only 12, and I thought you were fine, that this was just a phase, or that was were you tested some makeup.

My granddaughter is bullied almost daily and she still has the heart to smile and be kind to them as if nothing happened.

I bought her "You Are..." t-shirt to empower her of her uniqueness. #KIND I pledge to always be kind to everyone, whether I know them or not, because they could be going through a storm and maybe all they need to stay strong is someone showing them there is actually a rainbow I want to apologize to my old friend, I used call u names to my other friends behind ur back and on the internet I'd text u saying u did stuff, that u didn't really do, I'm sorry, I was just jealous and I'll NEVER do it again!

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