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The center's theatre seats 345 individuals and has a system for the hearing impaired.

Settlers, though, did not commit to the boundary and tension grew with the Revolutionary War.Tryon's churches include: Grace Foothills Church (PCA) which meets in the historic Tryon Theatre, Tryon Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), Holy Cross Church & Chapel (Episcopal), Congregational Church, St.John the Baptist Catholic Church, First Baptist Church, Trinity Lutheran Church LCMS.Located in the escarpment of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the area is a center for outdoor pursuits, equestrian activity and fine arts.Tryon Peak and the Town of Tryon are named for William Tryon, Governor of North Carolina from 1765 to 1771 in recognition of his negotiation with the Cherokee for a treaty during a bloody period of conflict during the French and Indian War. Archaeological evidence dates their occupation of the site to the end of the last Ice Age more than 11,000 years ago and semi-permanent villages appeared by 8,000 B. They later settled in towns with a democratic political structure, religion, domesticated crops, pottery and skilled, powerful archery.

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