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Therefore it is very rare that the sex of a child is recorded as indeterminate or intersex within birth registrations so no figures are published on this due to the small numbers.The sex of a child is also collected by the health service as part of the birth notification.This could be a whole new niche, putting shemales to shame..Could you please supply me with the following information: What were the total annual number of babies born in English hospitals with intersex traits over 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013?A German tennis player born with both male and female genitalia has been cleared by the sport's governing body to compete as a woman.The Women's Tennis Association has ruled there was 'sufficient independent and verifiable evidence' that Sarah Gronert was eligible to play against the world's best woman players.For births where the sex of a child is indeterminate or where there are intersex traits, the advice given by the General Register Office (GRO) is that the registration should be deferred until medical investigations have been completed.

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a hermaphrodite can have ovaries and testes, but rarely can have the 2 organs fully developed because the body is dedicated to one, but as I said, once rare, in some cases an hermaphrodite can have well-developed organs and affects only men..

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