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There are numerous references to Raga or Ragini called Kambhoji in ancient Indian musical traditions.

Since the Raga Kambhoji has been classified as Female Raga (i.e., Ragini), this Raga is particularly suitable in conveying the sentiments of Shringara (romantic and erotic), Hasya (humorous) and Karuna (pathos).

From the foregoing discussion we clearly notice that raga or ragini Kambhoji which is now extremely popular in southern India was connected, in its original or basic form, with Kamboja or Kambhoja land.

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In this scheme of classification, the twentieth mela is Kambhoji under which come the Jana-ragas like Kambhoji.Reference to this raga as Thakkesi is in the ancient Tamil epic Cilappatikaram which is referred by the Sanskrit name kamboji .Brihaddesi authored by Sangit Acharya Matanga Muni (500-700 AD) is the most important work between Natyashastra (2nd century BC) and Sangita Makarand (7th to 8th century AD). This Brihaddesi work is dated between 5th and 7th century AD but unfortunately it is incomplete. Matanga's Brihaddeshi is the first major and available text to describe the Ragas as we understand them today.Raja Tulaji assumes 21 Janakmelas and includes Kambhoji and Yadukul-Kambhoji as the Jana ragas under the eighth Janaka-mela of his scheme of classification.Most of the references above are comparatively recent but this should not be taken to mean that raga Kambhoji is also of recent origin.

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