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S&P said that while credit growth had contributed to real gross domestic product growth and higher asset prices, it had also “diminished financial stability” within the country.China’s total borrowing has grown sharply in recent years and now equates to around 260% of the annual economic output.For the financial year to date, borrowing stood at £28.3bn, which was the lowest amount for the five-month period since 2007.

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Retail sales data – an excellent gauge of consumer confidence – is due next week from major economies such as Japan and Germany.

However, as the week went on, further posturing between president Trump and North Korea pulled the greenback down to as low as ¥111.6.

The yen often strengthens during times of turmoil, given Japan’s status as a creditor and the expectation that Japanese investors would repatriate assets in a crisis.

The Omnis Managed Portfolio Service remains overweight Europe ex-UK on the belief that markets should continue to grind upwards given the eurozone economic recovery is gathering pace and broadening beyond the core economies of northern Europe. This material is for information only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation of an order to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments.

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