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He was in Shigenshina, just as he remembered it, whole and unmarred with no Titans in sight. He couldn't have somehow traveled back in time to his younger body with all of his future memories..before everything started...right?-- Batman Beyond -- Planned They've given Matt's and Terry's Mother six months to live through her terminal disease with aggressive, experimental treatments.-- Final Fantasy VII -- First Draft Jenova decides enough is enough.

The problem is, she wasn't deeply involved before she and Barrett re-started AVALANCHE.Problem is, Matt is naturally curious and defiant--just like his brother, and Wayne Manor holds many secrets. Gray Man -- In Progress -- Graphic Novel -- Hiatus AU A different take on what might have been the 14th's thought process, and just what length's he's willing to go to accomplish his goals.Page 1: -- Doctor Who -- Planned The Doctor steps off of the Tardis and right into a weeping angel, one who has come to ask for his help from an ancient enemy of their entire race.Three years later, they have to face the consequences of that decision.(May be a series-of-one-shots fic) -- Bleach -- First draft Renji said that he and Hisagi sneaked a bike into the Seireitei.

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