Updating nrpt direct access settings error dating methods in archaeology

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Fortunately, the Hyper-V environment enables one to revert a system and try again.

That is, if you can determine the cause of your initial error and avoid it during the second pass.

There is no need to deploy or create VPN profiles or handle RADIUS authentication and other such complexities, but the system does utilize PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to enable a secure VPN tunnel.

Direct Access is also always available for external clients, meaning you don’t have to open a VPN session manually, and it starts *prior* to logon, which means the annoying issues of remote user password resets are easier to handle.

The NRPT Direct Access utilizes a feature called the Name Resolution Policy Table (NRPT).

If a match is found, the request is processed according to the settings in the NRPT rule.

The settings determine the DNS servers to which each request will be sent.

Technet has some information on how to handle NRPT here: Problem with Direct Access Failures Usually when Direct Access stops communicating, it stops working because the NRPT isn’t configured properly.

If this happens, you may run into a situation where some systems are unable to ping domain controllers or other systems by using Net BIOS names or through FQDNs.

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