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Additional services connect with Arklow, Wexford and Rosslare Europort, a main ferry port.

There is also a commercial port, mainly importing timber and textiles.

Its average high in August of 21.2 °C (70.2 °F) is a full 1 °C higher than the highest average month in Dublin, only 50 km (30miles) to the north.

While its location is favorable for protection against the prevailing westerly and southwesterly winds that are common to much of Ireland, Wicklow is particularly exposed to easterly winds.

However, a considerable spike occurs in October and November each of which records almost double the typical rainfall of April.Earlier spellings of the town's name include Wykinglo in 1173, Wygingelow in 1185, Wykinglo in 1192, Wykinglowe in 1355.criticises the usual explanation that the name comes from Old Norse Vikingr (meaning "Viking") and Old Norse ló (meaning "meadow"), that is to say "the Vikings' meadow" or "Viking's meadow".He notices that -lo was never used outside Norway (cf. Furthermore, this word is almost never combined with a male name or a general word meaning "a category of person".Moreover, "Viking" never appears in toponymic records.

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